How do I ask for support?

Given the increase in the customer installed basis, we shall inform you about the new requirements to contact support ensuring smooth and efficient customer care for those who actually paid for it. Need help from our experts? We have you covered. Please follow the steps in this article.


To create a support ticket you need

  • To be a customer (YouTube customers shall ask for support to Google)
  • To have a unique license number.

Where do I find my licence number?

Your unique license number is on your invoice. Please contact us if you don't have a license number yet because you placed an order on an old platform.

How to I create a support ticket?

Kindly create your support ticket.


How to compare different support levels?

We divide support into distinct categories: standard, premium, dedicated, and expert. If you do not have access to the Users' Manual refer to this simplied table offering a comparison between support levels.

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