How can I attend summits and webinars?

Firstly, let me explain the difference between a summit and webinar since they have different aims. We invite you to subscribe to our real-time market feed on your browser to receive updates on coming webinars and summits.


We use summits to discuss broad topics, for example, during earnings season, elections, major events.


Generally, we use webinars to respond to users questions who are not subscribed to premium expert support.

How to

  • For paying users, login to the app, navigate towards calendar to view whether there are summits or webinars coming in your plan.
  • For free users, register in the app, and follow the same steps.


Kindly note that webinars for paying users might be free, however, summits are not. Free users may attend free or paid webinars and summits depending on their interests.

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