How Can I Watch Alex Vieira Livestream?

Thank you for your interest in Alex Vieira Livestream trading and coaching, new version.

We offer free live streaming and paid Livestream.


The following instructions apply to the Live Academy and Intuitive Code native iOS app only. Alternatevely, you can choose Collaborative Live Trading.

New version: Web, native iOS app!

Kindly follow the steps

  1. Install the app from the Apple store
  2. Choose the session of your interest
  3. Daily, monthly, or annual pass
  4. Attend the live session.

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How can I purchase a pass?

You can purchase on the academy and on the investor portal.

How can I pay for sessions?

PayPal and bank transfer, depending on the plan. PayPal is currently available for daily sessions.

Do you offer a mobile app?

Yes, you must install native app.

Can I record the calls?

No, it is strictly forbidden to record or share content. Your IP address and other information is recorded. We use DRM.

What if I miss a call?

For a limited time, we make it available as video-on-demand the day the call was made. If you cannot attend, we schedule another session for a different day.

Is Livestream and Live TV the same?

No. We distribute content as Livestream, Live TV, and VOD. These channels serve different purposes.

When is Alex going Live?

We use web and mobile app notifications to let you know. There are scheduled and unscheduled events.

Do you have chat?


How do I know about the topic of the Live event?

The topic is available on the academy, however, we often use breakout rooms to discuss different topics within a broad subject such as trading.

Are there sessions daily?

Profits do not depend on the number of sessions, but the quality of the calls. There are not daily sessions. Visit the app and the academy to learn about the schedule.

How long does a session last?

The duration of the session depends on the topic, the call, and your status (retail or professional).

Profits do not depend on the duration of the call or session. The minimum is 15 minutes and the limit is 2 hours. Sometimes, a session might be divided into multiple calls during the day, all of them included in the price.

Do you offer replays?

Replays might be available on Live TV and VOD. These services have different pricing. You can purchase calls at any time.

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