How do I quickly find ideas to invest in?

This is indeed one of the most important questions. The answer is simple, once you login to the autonomous trading app, you are going through an onboarding worflow, therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not skip steps.


As a user of the bundle version,

  • I strongly suggest the use of the new feature "filter, sort, and search" which is explained here. Its use is invaluable since it will increase dramatically your productivity.

watch the presentation

  • Find in the app numerous comments, trade alerts, and suggestions daily.


As a user of the standard premium version,

  • Read the articles since inception. Notice that you are going to find old articles of very high value since its content can be used for a long period of time. Furthermore, you shall be aware that content is made available depending on market cycles, i.e. if you are in a bull market cycle, you shall look for investing ideas during that cycle. The same shall be said when you enter a bear market cycle.
  • I strongly suggest that you create your own Excel table including the title of the article, ticker, recommendations, pivots, price targets, ratings available in the articles for members. Discipline and patience are key factors.
  • Invest some time studying the material instead of jumping into trading without a plan. Plan. Plan. Plan - before you assume positions.
  • Read the FAQ in the help center.
  • Watch the available recorded webinars.
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