How to calculate AI Trading price?

AI Trading pricing depends on you. The user creates his own portfolio according to his budget and investing profile. Alternatively, you may purchase one of the existing standard A.I trading plans, but in this case the portfolio is defined by an algorithm being the price fixed.

The pricing is available in the autonomous trading app.

Steps to take

We will be working on a bot to help you calculate the total price automatically. Meanwhile, these are the steps:

  1. Choose from over one hundred listed companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ. The list is divided into standard and premium companies. Standard stocks have a much lower price compared to premium ones.
  2. Choose the widgets you are interested in. For example, you might not be interested in A.I Risk Analysis or the A.I bot to reduce your price.
  3. Place a request for a quote in the app. The team will respond whether it is approved. If you agree with the price, sign the quote, and proceed to payment.

Premium wigdets and add-ons

Find here the list of premium widgets and add-ons. This is entirely optional. The pricing is available in the autonomous app.

  • Custom profile
  • Expert support
  • Advanced course
  • A.I risk analysis
  • A.I bot trading
  • Alex's live stream

Highly recommended

Learn more about the A.I trading app by enrolling in the basic course. The advanced course on the use of the app is entirely optional requiring an extra payment.

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