How to place an order?

Currently, you can place an order in the Academy, the Intuitive Code app, and on the store (to be discontinued).

We aim to simplify the workflow, offering custom pricing and a centralized process available on the Intuitive Code app.

Available features:

  • Billing
  • Knowledge bases
  • Services
  • Custom proposals + digital signature.
  • Different payment methods
  • Messaging
  • Schedule meetings - upcoming
  • Video-on-demand
  • NEW - assisted collaborative real-time analysis.
  • Live events
  • Live TV
  • Embedded bots
  • Custom client portal - billing, dashboard, chat, projects, tasks, onboarding, trials.

Notice that we do not publicize the universe of products available across all channels. For example, to purchase live events, we suggest using the app. Likewise, we recommend the app to buy a plan.

For your benefit, to purchase certain services we require the user to schedule a meeting prior to effective purchase to address his questions.

Finally, we do not depend on our website(s) to deliver content to users. Therefore, for you, it is strategically important that we guarantee 100% uptime.

Live Market Analysis

Live market analysis and trading signals.

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