How to use trailing stops?

Concerning this important topic on trailing stops you find real-time commentary on traders' insight, for example in the stock module.

Moreover, you also find

  • Upgrades
  • Downgrades
  • Trading Signals
  • Hidden Gems

Investment Rules

  • Before a downgrade you have to use a trailing stop if you have a long position
  • Before an upgrade you have to use a trailing stop if you have a short position


The impact of a downgrade or an upgrade depends on several factors

  • the ratio upside / downside
  • the level of the upgrade or downgrade.

For example, a stock downgraded to neutral is not the same as downgraded to strong sell. To learn more about the level of downgrade, upgrade, and ratio upside/downside you need AI analysis which is not included in Traders' Insight.

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