I started premium today. Shall I use past published content?

Kindly note this article addresses Intuitive Code Premium series only. I am glad to help you getting started.

Absolutely, the published content is for your use. We are not going to publish one hundred different articles every time a new user starts!

The content is there! Review it. Start using it! Kindly note that members content focused on long-term investment has invaluable value, often for years ahead. I strongly suggest that you read Alex's article addressing your question and others providing real metrics.

Let me illustrate the concept of high-value giving a couple of example. Someone who subscribed a few months ago took advantage of this article, as well as this article, but more recent users who started months later used the same content to generate profits. Obviously, the former user had the real opportunity to make far more profits compared to those who started recently.

If you have questions whether a particular piece shall be worth considering message our team in the autonomous app

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