How do I learn to use the app?

This article discusses the app for professional users only.

It's a world-leading app with fantastic resources and a world-class team working and developing for you and us. No worries! There is extensive documentation, webinars, on-demand webinars, a technical support team, a support center, and much more!

Make sure you install the app

Refer to this article explaining how to install the app if you need it.

Welcome aboard!

You will receive a welcome email containing links to download the app on any device, including getting started. Notice that you will not need to take any course or webinar unless you wish to use the app for personal reasons. There are over one hundred features!

Click on Help once you log in.


A world of beautiful resources for you to explore

Kindly note that you only need to use these resources if you wish to become an expert. You do not need to if you aim to use the plan you purchased.


Onboarding resources

When you log in to the app, it is common to see pop-up videos, lessons, and visual guidance on using the app.


Live Market Analysis

Live market analysis and trading signals.

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Configure App

Choose modules or a bundle

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