What's new in Alex Vieira course on how to invest?

Initially, the idea was to focus on a list of companies; however, I changed the course's structure dramatically and aim, delivering far more than your best expectations. In addition, we agreed to improve the platform where the system is running. For those that started in the academy in 2020, you see the transformation is radical. In 2021, within a few days, it will be even better.

I apologize for the delay in getting access to the new version.

Meanwhile, I published more content. There is still more to come. Since I posted an assignment before the upgrade, you had time to think about it. Having said this, I intend to publish more information, and later on to include some live meetings - no additional charges, no extra payments, nothing.

Don't forget that the next time you log in, you have to go through the new content before proceeding. I posted messages in the academy chat.

The course is so important that I might not accept more customers who are not taking the course.

Thanks. Alex

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