Eager to learn about Alex’s schedule on YouTube live-streaming?

Kindly note that Intuitive Code does not sell subscriptions on YouTube. Google is the entity selling responsible for taxes, billing, and support.

Make sure you have a YouTube membership level 3, i.e. livestream with chat.

YouTube livestream for members-only is in beta, i.e. this is specifically related to YouTube development. Here's our suggestion to manage events.

  • We will publish to the YouTube community tab before Alex goes live.
  • We will try doing it 48 hours in advance of the event.
  • For your convenience, as general rule, Alex goes live every third weekend of the month on Sunday, 12 AM London time, i.e. 7 PM EST.
  • There is a 10-minute countdown before going live. The countdown is visible on the livestream.


Do you have any suggestion to make it better for you? Let us know.

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