What can I do with the A.I Bot?

Kindly note the aim of bots it is not to substitute an existing app such as the A.I trading app, or an algorithm. With the new interactive autonomous bots - unique technology worldwide, you can

  • Verify your account using your email address and mobile number - mandatory
  • Retrieve highly accurate A.I data for over one hundred listed U.S companies listed on NASDAQ and NYSE
  • Get a quote for your custom portfolio
  • Ask questions about your custom portfolio or A.I plan, including price targets and ratings
  • Ask about any A.I algorithm parameter such as SP, RP, TS, WC, and BC included in A.I risk analysis
  • Get A.I trade signals
  • Ask about the most recent A.I bot trade alerts
  • Subscribe to SMS notifications

We've detailed explanations on visual boards available on a world-leading collaborative platform.

Currently, the bots are included in Intuitive Code, ultimate series, running separately from the new A.I trading app

In late 2020, bots will substitute workflows in the premium and elite series.

This work is being developed by autonomous trading.

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