Where can I find a list of available stocks to choose from?

Kindly note this article applies to the A.I Trading app only. Notice the use of the tags "algorithm" and "AI" included in the category "A.I Trading" for all articles related to A.I Trading. By following the instructions here, you can learn about the list of available public companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ.


This information is useful for the reasons listed here:

  1. You can get ideas to build your custom portfolio from the list.
  2. You can vote to request additional stocks to be added to the list
  3. Existing A.I trading plans comtemplate stocks mentioned the list only.
  4. The list is divided into two categories, standard and premium stocks.
  5. For custom portfolios the pricing depends on app widgets, the number of premium, and standard stocks.

Minimum and Maximum Requirements

  • The minimum requirement for standard investors is one (1) stock and a maximum of twelve (12).
  • The minimum requirement for professionals is four (4) stocks and a maximum of forty-eight (48).

Available Stocks

There are over 100 (one hundred) listed companies to choose from

  1. Log in to the autonomous trading app.
  2. Navigate towards files.
  3. Click on the list of stocks.

Thereafter, you can go to Plans, click on "open a work request" to request a quote for your custom portfolio. Alternatively, you may purchase an existing plan.

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