Where to find case studies

You can email us asking our team to help save you time if you are searching for a specific case study on a company of your interest.

You can start by watching thousands of case studies in the following order.

  • Visit the autonomous trading blog. Use the search feature and browse through the categories of your interest.
  • Then move on to the domain aibotrading.app where you find another blog with older case studies before 2018.
  • Visit the main site, then on the menu, click on use cases. Therein, you find several sectors, biotechnology, cryptocurrencies, fintech, etc.
  • You find thousands of case studies published on YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and Facebook on social media channels. The links are available on the site.
  • Without the need to log in on the app, click on the existing series where you find case studies on trailers.
  • By logging into the app with a free account, you see more on the free series on crypto and stocks.

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