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Which courses do you offer for traders?

We offer a vast range of educational programs for investors in the markets whether you are a small or professional investor. The best option to learn about current educational programs is to visit the educational collection on the website

Some further details.

Standard Coaching

  • The standard A.I premium plan includes a vast number of articles where we discuss a broad range of topics including material for beginners in the markets.
  • This help center includes articles for paying users - protected content- addressing topics of main interest.
  • Members have access to videos with instructions available in the premium content.
  • Webinars

Bundle version

Live trading rooms One of the most popular and invaluable add-ons. Learn how to trade in real-time!


Certain courses include a complete portfolio and real-time lessons on video, therefore, they come with an invaluable return on investment, confirmed by attendees. Please visit the website to learn more.

  • Course on Real-time technical analysis - available for purchase
  • Course on Value Investing - available for purchase
  • Course on A.I Trading Research and Analysis - free in A.I trading
  • Skill Jet Trading - free in the bundle version, and available for purchase.
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