YouTube, Google, and Vimeo are blocked in China. Do you have servers in Asia?

Intuitive Code does not offer services on YouTube or any of China's blocked websites and apps; therefore, we have been fully operational since 1989, complying with international rules.

Because we may sporadically use Vimeo and Google, we do not depend on them to deliver content to clients.

Only companies with no future, irresponsible management, and lack of resources, depend on Google or Vimeo or any other third-party to operate

  • None of our site(s) and apps are blocked in China.
  • Our partners Amazon AWS and Alibaba are available in Mainland China.
  • Intuitive Code does not use any messaging service blocked in China (,,,,
  • Intuitive Code does not use any social media website to deliver content. Our corporate culture cultivates independence from social media.

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